Read a potted history of the parish in The Tweedsmuir Story.   (Updated Apr/2018)

The following pages, not in chronological order, give a more detailed insight into the above Tweedsmuir Story.

Items 1.1. to 1.5. are the five buildings in Tweedsmuir Parish listed by Historic Environment Scotland (H.E.S)

1.1.  Crook Inn.

1.1.a. Origin of the name Crook.

1.2.  Victoria Lodge.

1.3.  Introduction to the Tweedsmuir Churches.

1.3.1.    Tweedsmuir present Kirk 1874-present.

1.3.1.a. Tweedsmuir first Kirk 1648-1874.

1.3.1.b. Armorial Plaque - relic of first Kirk.

1.3.1.c. Church Door spy-hole.

1.3.2. Tweedsmuir Kirkyard.

1.3.3. Chapel Knowe - Mound on which the Kirk is built.

1.4.  Carlow's Bridge.

1.5.  Bield.

2.   Early Peoples.  4000BC longow. 6th-8th century Polmood Long Cist, Whiteside Rig Fort/Enclosure.  (Greatly enhanced and updated Apr/2018)

2.1. Destruction of Heritage Sites.  

3.   Standing Stones and other Stones.  Druidical Temple.

4.   The Romans in Upper Tweed and Ericstane.  Gold Erickstane Brae Fibula.

5.   Frasers of Oliver Castle. Origin of the name of Oliver, Heraldry.  (updated Nov/2017 and Mar/2018).

5.1. Yew Trees of Neidpath Castle.

5.2. Frasers of Fruid Castle.   Heraldry.  (New Nov/2017)

5.2.1. Fruid Castle - Site of.   (New June/2018)

6.  Hawkshaw.  Family of Porteous.  Roman Marble Head.

7.  Crown of Scotland.

8.  The Draw Wells of Tweedsmuir.

9.  The Covenanters in Upper Tweed.

10.Forkfoots Farm - Site of.

11.Pilgrim's Ways, Chapels and the Expansion of Christianity.  Merlin, St. Kentigern (Mungo) and St. Cuthbert.

11.1 Fruid Chapel and Burial Ground..

11.2 Kingledores Chapel.

12. Tweeds Cross. Pilgrim's Way Marker and March Boundary.

12.1. Ericstane and Old Roads at Devil's Beeftub.

13. Postie Stone.  Mail Coach Monument.

14. Maclarens Leap.   Escape of Donald Maclaren at the Devil's Beeftub.

15. Linkumdoddie and Robert Burns' Poem Willie Wastle's Wife.

16. Welsh Family of Tweedsmuir.  Includes basic family tree.

17. Hay Family of Talla.

18. Talla Railway and Reservoir.

19. John Buchan 1st Lord Tweedsmuir.

20. Great Plague of 1645 in Upper Tweed.

21. Cadger Acre.

22. Halfmile House.

23. Formal Walled Gardens of Tweedsmuir.

24. Old Post Offices of Tweedsmuir.

25. Hunters of Polmood.

25.1. The Hunter Case.

25.2  Polmood   

25.3. Capture of Sir John Murray at Polmood

25.4 Bourhouse.

26.   Hopecarton & Carterhope - The Valleys of the Carts.  Monks of Melrose.

27.  Silver Jubilee Road. 

27.1. Silver Jubilee Road Forest Drive Leaflet by Forestry Commission.

28.   Saw Pits in Tweedsmuir Vilage in 1855.   

29.  Chisholm/e Families of Tweedsmuir.  


A.   References/Bibliography for Tweedsmuir Parish Heritage.

The Royal Commission on the Ancient Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) and Historic Scotland (HS) combined in 2015 to form a new organisation Historic Environment Scotlanf (HES).   The references in the above pages to the RCAHMS and HS should now be read as H.E.S.   The online archive "Canmore" continues/expanding and the relevant site ID numbers from Canmore are included on the above pages.

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