Descendants of John Hope and Agnes Clark

(The ancesters of John Hope are on Tree TRQ 01 on the Hopes of Traquair page and he can also be found at No. 11 on this tree and more information on the History section below.)


Hope Family - Tailors of West Calder, Scotland.


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1.   History

2.  Family Trees.

John Hope and Agnes Clark had five daughters but only one son - James.    James married Grizell (Grace) Somerville and had seven children in West Calder, West Lothian.  I think that Grace had a profound influence on the fortunes of the family as the name of Grace and Somerville pervade the family trees of her descendants.

Individual family trees for all seven children follow:-

WC1. Descendants of John Hope (1807-Bef 1841)

WC2. Descendants of Cornelius Hope. (1808-1864)

WC3. Descendants of James Hope. (1810-1890) - emigrated to Tasmania married Emma Stone

WC4. Descendants of Margaret Agnes Hope. (1814-1869)

WC5. Descendants of Grace Somerville Hope (1820-1863)

WC6. Descendants of William Hope. (1821-1893).   William married Elizabeth Gardiner Cunningham 02-06-1844 in West calder.   Elizabeth was the daughter of Alexander Cunningham and Elisabeth Gardiner. William and Elizabeth had 12 children- individual trees WC6a-l follow:-

WC6a. Elizabeth GWC6b. Grace SWC6c. James.   WC6d, Mary C.   WC6e. Alexander CWC6f. William W. C6g. Margaret C.   WC6h. John C.   WC6i. Janet S.   WC6j.Marion L.   WC6k. Cornelius.   WC6l. Emma S.

WC7. Descendants of Mary Hope. (1832-1883)


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