Trees of the 7 descendants of James Hope & Grace Somerville of West Calder.


Lines that are known to have emigrated are highlighted thus:-

Aus              USA


Surnames apart from Hope on this tree

Scotland – Bertch (Birch), Bonar, Dearness, Fraser, Gow, Joshnston, MacDonald, McMath, McArthur, Miller, Rowan, Thom, Whitehead.

Australia – Rowan.

USA – Gow, Rowan.


WC4. Descendants of Margaret Agnes Hope (1814-1869)


Generation No. 1


1.  MARGARET AGNES HOPE  (JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 1814, and died 21-02-1869 in 31, Taylor Street, Glasgow..  She met (1) JOHN ROWAN 28-02-1832 in Glasgow and West Calder, son of ALEXANDER ROWAN and MARGARET TOWERS.  He was born 08-10-1806 in Glasgow, and died 12-11-1846 in St James Street, Glasgow..  She met (2) WILLIAM WHITEHEAD 29-04-1850 in Glasgow.  He was born 1815, and died 08-09-1863 in Glasgow..  She married (3) FRANCIS JOHNSTON (WIDOWER) 03-01-1865 in Anderston, Glasgow..  He was born 1815.


Children of MARGARET HOPE and JOHN ROWAN are:

       2.         i.    ALEXANDER ROWAN, b. 12-12-1832, Glasgow; d. 31-07-1900, Western Infirmary, Glasgow..

                  ii.    JAMES HOPE ROWAN, b. 12-05-1834, Glasgow; d. 16-06-1889, Rockhampton Hospital, Queensland, Australia..


Generation No. 2


2.  ALEXANDER ROWAN (MARGARET AGNES5 HOPE, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 12-12-1832 in Glasgow, and died 31-07-1900 in Western Infirmary, Glasgow..  He met ELIZABETH MURRAY MILLER 06-08-1856 in Dundee, Angus., daughter of JAMES MILLER and MARGARET DURWARD.  She was born 26-04-1834 in Bullion Field, Invergowrie, Angus., and died 30-03-1915 in 295 Crow Road, Partick, Glasgow..



       3.         i.    MARGARET MILLER ROWAN, b. 15-05-1857, 9 Caledonia Road, Glasgow.; d. 11-01-1932, 292 Alderman Road, Glasgow..

      4.         ii.    AGNES LOCKHART ROWAN, b. 10-02-1859, 30 Elderslie St. Glasgow.; d. 13-05-1932, Western Infirmary, Glasgow..

                 iii.    ANNA JANET ROWAN, b. 15-04-1861, 30 Elderslie St. Glasgow.; d. 20-01-1866, 61 Grove Street, Glasgow..

     5.         iv.    JOHN MICHAEL ROWAN, b. 03-04-1863, Holmhead St. Glasgow; d. 17-10-1938, 51 Lisburn Road, Belfast..

     6.          v.    MARY ELIZABETH C. ROWAN, b. 25-05-1867, Parkhead, Glasgow.; d. 1942, New York, USA..



Generation No. 3


3.  MARGARET MILLER ROWAN (ALEXANDER6, MARGARET AGNES5 HOPE, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 15-05-1857 in 9 Caledonia Road, Glasgow., and died 11-01-1932 in 292 Alderman Road, Glasgow..  She met ARCHIBALD MCARTHUR 16-03-1892 in 15 Arlington Street, Glasgow, son of PETER MCARTHUR and ELEONORA MICHIE.  He was born 10-06-1852 in Lanarkshire, and died 28-08-1936 in 70 Polnoon Avenue, Glasgow..



                   i.    PETER  MCARTHUR, b. 28-01-1893, Partick; d. 11-05-1934, Robroyston Hospital, Glasgow; m. JEAN BUCHANAN FRASER.

                  ii.    ARCHIBALD J MCARTHUR, b. 1896.

                 iii.    MARGARET E H MCARTHUR, b. 1899.

                 iv.    CHARLES ROBERT MCARTHUR, b. 02-12-1900, 4 Claremont gardens, Milngavie, New Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire..


4.  AGNES LOCKHART ROWAN (ALEXANDER6, MARGARET AGNES5 HOPE, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 10-02-1859 in 30 Elderslie St. Glasgow., and died 13-05-1932 in Western Infirmary, Glasgow..  She met FREDERICK CHARLES BERTSH 1885 in Kelvin, Glasgow., son of FRANK BERTSCH and MARIA SHONI.  He was born 14-01-1862 in Marseille, France., and died 27-04-1935 in Springburn, Glasgow..



                   i.    CARLO  FRANK BERTSH (Charles Birch), b. 1886, 15 Arlington St. Glasgow..; m. LETITIA BONAR, 10-08-1910, 36 Moir St. Calton, Glasgow.; b. 30-03-1888, 3 Alba St. St Quivox.; d. 05-03-1951, 513 Shields Road, Glasgow..

                  ii.    ALEXANDER JOHN BERTSH, b. 1888, 65 Lumsden St, Glasgow..

                 iii.    ELIZABETH MARIA BERTSH, b. 1890, 21 West End Park St, Glasgow.; m. WILLIAM C THOM, 1921, Possil Park, Glasgow..

                 iv.    FREDERICK CHARLES (BIRCH) BERTSH, b. 1891, 9 Wood St, Partick, Glasgow; m. CARALINE GRASSICK MACDONALD., 24-06-1926, Burlington House, Blythswood, Glasgow.; b. 1890.

                  v.    AGNES MARGARET BERTSH, b. 1893; d. 1894.

                 vi.    FLORENCE MAY BERTSH, b. 1898, 11 Craigmore Terrace, Partick, lasgow.; m. JOSEPH MCMATH, 1919, Blythswood, Glasgow..


5.  JOHN MICHAEL ROWAN (ALEXANDER6, MARGARET AGNES5 HOPE, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 03-04-1863 in Holmhead St. Glasgow, and died 17-10-1938 in 51 Lisburn Road, Belfast..  He met MARY DEARNESS 26-07-1894 in 29 Regent Moray Street, Kelvin, Glasgow., daughter of JAMES DEARNESS and MARGARET GARRIOCH.  She was born 10-08-1865 in Sanday, Orkney islands., and died 09-02-1922 in 51 Lisburn Road, Belfast..


Children of JOHN ROWAN and MARY DEARNESS are:

                   i.    MARGARET ELIZABETH ROWAN, b. 21-10-1898, 33 Clyde Street, Partick, Glasgow.; d. 1976, Somerset St, Belfast; m. DAVID MCLEISH, 26-12-1918, Knockbreda Church of Ireland, Belfast..

                  ii.    STELLA JANET ROWAN, b. 25-06-1900, 33 Clyde Street, Partick, Glasgow; d. 1973, Somerset St, Belfast; m. ROBERT SKATES, 15-12-1919, Knockbreda Church of Ireland, Belfast..

                 iii.    MARY ELEANOR ROWAN, b. 1901, 42 Apsley Street, Partick, Glasgow; d. 28-01-1902, 42 Apsley Street, Partick, Glasgow.

                 iv.    VERA NIVEN ROWAN, b. 1903, 42 Apsley Street, Partick, Glasgow; d. 1905, 42 Apsley Street, Partick, Glasgow.

                  v.    JOHN PETER DEARNESS ROWAN, b. 26-03-1906, 42 Apsley Street, Partick, Glasgow; d. 1962, 1st Locks, Lockv iew Road, Stranmillis, Belfast; m. MARGARET ANNA NEIL, 1933, Belfast; b. 31-10-1905, 17 Wansbeck St, Stranmillis, Belfast.; d. 21-11-1987, Clifton House, North Queen Street, Belfast..


6.  MARY ELIZABETH C. ROWAN (ALEXANDER6, MARGARET AGNES5 HOPE, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 25-05-1867 in Parkhead, Glasgow., and died 1942 in New York, USA..  She married ROBERT GOW 28-12-1894 in 10 Kersland St, Hillhead, Glasgow, son of WILLIAM GOW and ELLEN CLARK.  He was born 26-05-1862 in Salen, Argyllshire, and died 1940 in New York, USA..


Child of MARY ROWAN and ROBERT GOW is:

i.MARY ELIZABETH ELEANOR GOW, b. 13-03-1901, Glasgow.; d. 1968, New York, USA..