Signs on the A68 when entering the Scottish Borders at Carter Bar from England    



Tweedsmuir, Scottish Borders, Scotland.



(River Tweed in the foreground, Talla reservoir in the distance. Tweedsmuir Parish Kirk spire lower left.)


Welcome to this personal website.   The content of this site is in two sections - See Navigation Bar on right. 

Section One covers an indepth study of the origin of the surname of Hope in the UK and Ireland and also some associated Scottish Borders genealogy.

Section Two covers the local history of the Upper Tweed Valley from the Bronze/Iron Age through the Roman Era, Dark Ages and the Covenanting/Killing Times to Reservoir Construction of the Modern Era.

 I would point out at the outset that I am not a historian, I am just an amateur with an interest and perhaps a romantic view of local and Scottish history.  Site last modified on Fourth of May 2015.



Sign on the A701 north of Tweedsmuir looking south down the Upper Tweed Valley. Linkcumdoddie is mentioned in the poem titled Willie's Wife by Robert Burns.  For more about this see page Willie's Wife.




 Right - River Tweed in the Autumn.



   Below - Rolling Road Block, Tweedsmuir.