Hopes of Traquair, Peeblesshire, Scotland.

Family Trees.

As discussed on the Origin of Surname Hope the surname is spread over the UK/Ireland and that there is a group of that surname in the Borders area of Scotland/England.  There are particular clusters in Traquair Parish and Tweedsmuir Parish of Peeblesshire that are of interest.

The earliest record is of a John Hope of Bold in Traquair Parish who was born c1680 who had at least three children.  DNA samples from descendants of John Hope of Bold have a Haplo Group of R1b - if you are male with the surname of Hope and have this Haplo Group it is possible that along with John Hope of Bold that you are a Scottish Borderer.  There is a parallel line of Hopes from the nearby Village of Traquair commencing with a James Hope born c1700 who had least seven children. This James could well be a son of John Hope of Bold but the connection has not yet been established.  Descendant Trees for both these lines follow.

An Alexander Hope of Horland had a daughter Jannet born on 16-06-1700 - no further information has come to light regarding this line of Hopes.

Apart from the Hope families of Bold and Traquair Village there are other Hopes recorded at other villages in Traquair Parish namely Kailzie, Tanielburn, Kirkhouse and others that may or maybe not connected with the Hope family of Bold all of whom migrated towards Innerleithen and Walkerburn. 

John and also Thomas appear to be a powerful names in these Hope families. There are many John and Thomas Hopes recorded in Traquair Parish and with no wive's names listed research is very difficult - I have done my best! Most of the other first names tend to be those of the Stuart Monarchs namely James, Marion (Mary), Charles, William/Mary and Ann.

Hope is a fairly common name in Peeblesshire as are Tait and Nicol resulting in these families marrying quite frequently.   In fact we have Hopes marrying Hopes and Nicols marrying Nicols and no doubt there will be Taits marrying Taits!

I have found six Hope families in Traquair Parish and their family trees Nos TQR 01 - 06 can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate heading below. 

There are six Hope families in Tweedsmuir Parish in Peeblesshire namely trees TWM 01 - 06 and they are on the Hopes of Tweedsmuir page

There are other Hope families in neighbouring parishes and counties and their trees can be found on the Other Border Hope Families page.

A family with the surname of Vair married into the one of the families of the Hope Dynasty of Traquair Parish - a condensed Vair tree is included with Tree No TQR 03 below.

The Hope Family of West Calder is descended from John Hope of Bold but to make the John Hope of Bold tree  No TQR 01 more manageable the West Calder family has been extracted and their tree appears on the Hopes of West Calder page.

TQR 01.   John Hope of Bold of Traquair Parish  

 Surnames apart from Hope on this tree:-

Note - The Hope family from West Calder has been extracted from this tree - Access to this tree from Navigation Bar on the right.

Scotland.   Anderson, Ballantyne, Bennet, Bertram, Brown, Caldwell, Carr, Clark, Cook, Craig, Crighton, Davidson, Dods, Dodds, Downie, Elliot, Ellis, Glendinning, Grant, Greig, Haig, Hart, Harvey, Henderson, Imrie, Johnston(e), Kennaway, MacBeth, McDonald, McMurphy, Meikle, Mitchell, Moffat, Muir, Murray, Nicol, Oliver, Ramage, Reid, Riach, Scott, Simpson, Slater, Somerville, Stephens, Steven (Mary), Stewart, Tait, Taylor, Waite, Walker, Watson, Watt, Wilkie.

USA.  Bennet, Briggs, Shiels, Tait, Wombell.

Canada.   Davidson, Hopps, Purves, Smiley, Tait.

Australia. Tait.

NZ.. Davidson, Tait, Waddell.

TQR 02.   John Hope/Agnes Hatly of Traquair Village.

Surnames apart from Hope on this tree

Scotland - Cairns, Eckford, Ker, Powers, Paterson.

USA - Eckford

TQR 03   Thomas Hope/Elizabeth Stevens. (Elizabeth from Tanielburn, Traquair Parish) - This Elizabeth Steven is the sister of Mary Steven in tree TQR 01 above.

Surnames apart from Hope on this tree -

Scotland - Hislop, Irvine, Martin, Melrose, McGuire, McGregor, McLauchlan, Stavert, Elizabeth Steven, Vair.

Canada - Grierson, Ireland, Vair.

USA - Hart, Vair.

TQR 04.   Thomas Hope, Herd, Kirkhouse, Traquair Parish

Surnames apart from Hope on this tree - Armstrong,  Baird, Brown, Dobson, Fleming, Granger, Henderson, Houd (Hood), King, Mercer, Mckay, Morris, Pace, Renton, Screen, Smail, Turnbull, Watson, Welsh.

TQR 05.   Thomas Hope Gamekeeper, Kailzie, Traquair Parish.

Descended from Thomas Hope b1811 in Ancrum, Roxburghshire.

TQR 06.   Alexander Hope, Grazier, Tanielburn, Traquair Parish.

Surnames apart from Hope on this tree are - Eckford, Frater (Trater), Hamilton, Horseburgh, Stoddart, Tod. 


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