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Scotland - Cairns, Eckford, Ker, Powers, Paterson,

USA - Eckford.

Family Lines that are known to have emigrated are high-lighted thus:



TRQ 02. Descendants of James Hope and Agnes Hatly

(Updated 16-11-2009)



2 Generations


Generation No. 1


1.  JAMES HOPE  (HOPE1 (TRAQUAIR))  He met AGNES HETTLY (HATLY) 29-12-1720 in Selkirk. 


Children of JAMES HOPE and AGNES (HATLY) are:

           2.     i.    JOHN HOPE, b. 01-10-1721, Traquair.

                  ii.    CHARLES HOPE (HOP), b. 22-12-1723, Traquair.

                 iii.    MARY HOPE, b. 24-04-1726, Traquair.

          3.     iv.   ANN  HOPE (ANNA), b. 18-08-1728, Traquair.

          4.     v.    JANET HOPE, b. 31-08-1732, Traquair; d. 16-03-1808, Innerleithen..

          5.    vi.    MARION HOPE, b. 31-08-1732, Traquair; d. 14-01-1798, Peebles..

          6.   vii.    JAMES HOPE, b. 05-07-1734, Traquair.



Generation No. 2


2.  JOHN HOPE (JAMES2, HOPE1 (TRAQUAIR)) was born 01-10-1721 in Traquair.


Child of JOHN HOPE is:

                   i.    JOHN4 HOPE, b. 24-02-1743/44, Traquair.


3.  ANN HOPE (ANNA)  (JAMES2, HOPE1 (TRAQUAIR)) was born 18-08-1728 in Traquair.  She met ROBERT CAIRNS 11-10-1752 in Traquair. 


Children of ANN HOPE and ROBERT CAIRNS are:

                   i.    AGNES CAIRNS, b. 05-11-1752, Traquair.

                  ii.    JEAN CAIRNS, b. 20-09-1761, Peebles.

                 iii.    WILLIAM CAIRNS, b. 30-10-1763, Peebles.

                 iv.    ROBERT CAIRNS, b. 11-08-1765, Peebles.

                  v.    JANET CAIRNS, b. 07-06-1767, Peebles.

                 vi.    ANNA CAIRNS, b. 05-02-1769, Peebles.

                vii.    JOHN CAIRNS, b. 10-02-1771, Peebles.


4.  JANET HOPE (JAMES2, HOPE1 (TRAQUAIR)) was born 31-08-1732 in Traquair, and died 16-03-1808 in Innerleithen..  She met THOMAS ECKFORD 11-11-1757 in Traquair, Peeblesshire..  He was born 1725 in Innerleithen, and died 1811 in Innerleithen..


Children of JANET HOPE and THOMAS ECKFORD are:

                   i.    THOMAS ECKFORD, b. 27-10-1760, Innerleithen.

                  ii.    JAMES ECKFORD, b. 07-02-1762, Innerleithen.

                 iii.    AGNES ECKFORD, b. 11-05-1764, Innerleithen.

          7.    iv.    JOHN ECKFORD, b. 26-08-1766, Innerleithen; d. Tennessee, USA.

                  v.    ELIZABETH ECKFORD, b. 31-07-1768, Innerleithen..

          8.    vi.    WILLIAM STOREY ECKFORD, b. 23-12-1773.

                vii.    MICHAEL ECKFORD, b. 19-01-1776, Innerleithen..


5.  MARION HOPE (JAMES2, HOPE1 (TRAQUAIR)) was born 31-08-1732 in Traquair, and died 14-01-1798 in Peebles..  She met ALEXANDER KER 15-06-1764 in Traquair, Peeblesshire..  He died 16-06-1805.


Children of MARION HOPE and ALEXANDER KER are:

                   i.    CHARLES KER, b. 22-11-1767, Peebles..

                  ii.    ALEXANDER KER, b. 24-09-1769, Peebles..

                 iii.    MARION KER, b. 02-01-1772, Peebles..

                 iv.    MARGARET KER, b. 19-01-1777, Peebles..


6.  JAMES HOPE (JAMES2, HOPE1 (TRAQUAIR)) was born 05-07-1734 in Traquair.


Child of JAMES HOPE is:

                   i.    JOHN HOPE, b. 08-07-1776, Boald,Traquair.



Generation No. 3


7.  JOHN ECKFORD (JANET3 HOPE, JAMES2, HOPE1 (TRAQUAIR)) was born 26-08-1766 in Innerleithen, and died in Tennessee, USA.  He met MARY MARION POWERS 05-06-1795 in Innerleithen, Peeblesshire..  She was born 06-05-1770 in Innerleithen.


Children of JOHN ECKFORD and MARY POWERS are:

                   i.    THOMAS ECKFORD, b. 20-03-1796, Innerleithen.

                  ii.    JOHN ECKFORD, b. 20-03-1796, Innerleithen.

                 iii.    MARIAN ECKFORD, b. 04-12-1798, Innerleithen.

                 iv.    JAMES ECKFORD, b. 31-05-1800, Innerleithen.

                  v.    WILLIAM ECKFORD, b. 02-10-1802, Petersburg, Chesterfield, Virginia, USA.

                 vi.    JOSEPH R ECKFORD, b. 1807, Rogersville, Hawkins, Tennessee, USA.


8.  WILLIAM STOREY ECKFORD (JANET3 HOPE, JAMES2, HOPE1 (TRAQUAIR)) was born 23-12-1773.  He met JEAN PATTERSON 04-10-1804 in Innerleithen, Peeblesshire.. 



                   i.    JANET ECKFORD, b. 23-09-1805, Innerleithen.

                  ii.    JAMES ECKFORD, b. 15-01-1809, Innerleithen.

                 iii.    THOMAS ECKFORD, b. 13-11-1810, Selkirkshire.


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