Family Trees of Hope Families of Other Scottish Border Counties.

My own family tree is that of the Hope family of Bold in Traquair Parish and is included in the Hope families of Traquair Parish in Peeblesshire are on the Hopes of Traquair page  and those of Tweedsmuir Parish also in Peeblesshire can be found on the new Hopes of Tweedsmuir page.   However there are many many other Hope families elsewhere in the Border and surrounding area.   Some of these have come to light during my research - these trees are listed below and hopefully some might yet get connected.   There are obviously very many more that I have not come across.  There may be connections between some of the Hope families but diligent research points to the conclusion that there are many discrete origins of the surname within the UK and Ireland - more about this research can be found on the Hope Origins page of this site.    Hopefully some of these trees can be connected by DNA research - if you are interested in this and you are male and have the surname Hope I suggest a visit to the Clan Hope Society website, based in the USA, and go to the DNA page.

Trees Nos  TRQ 01-06 are on the Hopes of Traquair page. 

Trees Nos TWM 01-06 are on the Hopes of Tweedsmuir page.

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Lothians - Dalkeith & Penecuik

LTN 01   Robert Hope, Brass Founder, Dalkeith.  

His son Thomas married Jeannie Nicol of the Nicol/Learmont family of Traquair/Innerleithen. 

Surnames apart from Hope on tree LTN 01 are -

Scotland. - Brown, Cameron, Crighton, Lumsden, Macbeath, Moore, Muirhead, Spence and Wilkinson.

USA - Lumsden,Moore, Parsons.

England - Parsons


LTN 02 Robert Hope of Penecuik.

Surnames apart from Hope on tree LTN 02:-

Scotland - Kay, Knox, McCarter, Veitch.


Dumfriesshire - Moffat.

The following trees DMF 01 and 02 are very closely related and I believe that the Thomas Hope (b1819) with father of William Hope that appear on both trees are in fact the same person.   The doubt comes about because the death records show that the mother of Thomas was Mary Cowan while all other records appear to indicate that his mother was her sister Elizabeth Cowan.   Until this is clarified the two trees remain separate.  

DMF 01 Hope Family of Moffat descended from Mary Cowan.

Surnames apart from Hope on DMF 01 tree are -

Scotland - Brown, Buchanan, Caldwell, Cowan, Geddes, Hodge, Hyslop, Johnstone, Kennedy, Lennie, Meiklejohn, Porteous.

USA - Barnhart, Porteous.

DMF 02  Hope Family of Moffat Descended from Elizabeth Cowan

Surnames apart from Hope on DMF 02 are -

Scotland - Cowan, Crosby, Dickson, Halliday, Shirkey, Stewart, Tait.

Canada - Kettle, Merritt,Tait. (Descended from John Tait/Margaret Hope).

A Cowan family descended from John Cowan (b1790 who married Elizabeth (Betty) Hastie emigrated from Moffat to Newfoundland c1845). 


Lanarkshire - Biggar

LNK 01.   John Hope of Biggar 

Surnames apart from Hope on tree No LNK 01 above are:-

Scotland  - Boyd, Brown, Flood, Elizabeth and Helen Forrest, Glasgow, Hannah, Hodge, Mair, Watson.

Australia - Laurie, Nunn.

LNK 02. Descendants of Robert Hope of Lamington & Biggar - Broughton 

Surnames apart from Hope on tree No LNK 02 above are:-

Scotland - Jean & Janet Brown, Brydon, Dempster, Hunter, Moffat, Murray, Sanderson, John & Janet Taylor, Whyte.

LNK 03 - Descendants of David Hope - Shoemakers & Builders - Biggar     

Surnames apart from Hope on tree LNK 03 above are:-

Scotland - Forrest, Martin, McQueen, Rennie, Thomson, Wilson.

LNK 04 - Descendants of Thomas Hope - Glenholm and Coulter.

Surnames apart from Hope on tree LNK 04 -

Scotland - Affleck, Bartram, Brockie, Core, French, Gilchrist, Hislop, Kerr, Renwick, Ritchie, Robb.

Australia - Gilchrist.

ROX 01. Descendants of William Hope of Roxburghshire (Crailing) & Kirknewton.

Surnames apart from Hope on Tree ROX 01 are:-

Scotland -Allan, Dickson, Easton, Goodfellow, Halliday, Robson, Suttie.

ROX 02. Descendants of James Hope (d 1799) - Lilliesleaf.

Surnames apart from Hope on tree ROX 02 -

Scotland - Brown, Douglas, Elliot, Halliday, Hogg, Robertson. 

ROX 03. Descendants of William Hope (1841-c1845) of Roxburghshire.

Surnames apart from Hope on tree ROX 03 -

Scotland - Dryden, Hardie, Lillie, Turnbull, Waters.

SEL 01. Descendants of John Hope of Selkirkshire & Peebles.

Surnames apart from Hope on tree SEL 01 are:-

Scotland - Cairns, Dickson, Downie, Fox, Miller, Stevenson.

NZ. - Thompson.

SEL 02.   Descendants of Alexander Hope of Selkirk. (Mason)

Surnames apart from Hope on tree SEL 02 are:-

Scotland - Brydon, Currie, Kemp, Mason, Robertson, Scott, Sword, Wright.

SEL 03. Descendants of Alexander Hope/Elizabeth Orr of Selkirk

Surnames apart from Hope on tree SEL 03 are:-

Scotland - Brydon, Dalgleish, Goodfellow, George & Elizabeth Dobson, Fairbairn, Johnstone, Orr, Riddell, Scott, Sibbald, Stewart, Thorburn. 

SEL 04. Descendants of Alexander Hope/Euphemia Douglas of Selkirk.

Surnames apart from Hope on tree SEL 04:-

Scotland - Clark, Douglas, Irvine, Kerr, Knox, Newton, Ritchie, Wallace.

Australia - Fraser.

SEL 05 - Hope Families of Teviothead and Yarrow.

Surnames apart from Hope on tree Sel 05:-

Scotland - Amos, Anderson, Laidlaw, Latimer, Martin, Paterson, Pringle.

Australia - Laidlaw.


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