Surnames apart from Hope on the following tree LTN 01 -

Scotland - Brown, Cameron, Crichton, Lumsden, Mcbeath, Miller, Moore, Muirhead, Spence, Weir, Wilkinson.

USA - Lumsden, Moore, Parsons,

England - Parsons.

A family of Hopes headed by Robert Cathcart Hope (No 3 on tree below) were Brass Founders in Dalkeith, Mid Lothian, Scotland.  Marion Hope fourth daughter of Robert  was the progenitor of several families that emigrated to the USA in the early part of the twentieth century.   Thomas Hope youngest son of Robert married Jeannie Nicol (See Note 3 below) a member of the Nicol/Learmonth family of Traquair Parish.

 Family lines that are known to have emigrated are shown thus:


LTN 01.   Descendants of John Hope born in Dalkeith  c1770.

(Updated 30-07-2011)


4 Generations


Generation No. 1


1.  JOHN HOPE died Bef. 1841.  He met MARION WEIR (MARY)(MAY)(MARGARET) 08-09-1791 in Dalkeith, daughter of ANDREW WEIR and JANET BRIGGS..  She was born 05-08-1770 in Dalkeith, and died Bet. 1841 - 1851.



                   i.    MARGARET HOPE, b. 14-09-1794, Dalkeith.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH HOPE, b. 16-09-1798, Dalkeith.

                 iii.    ARCHIBALD HOPE, b. 08-02-1801, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                 iv.    JOHN HOPE, b. 15-01-1804, Dalkeith.

      2.         v.    BARBARA HOPE, b. 09-11-1806, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian; d. 14-09-1881, Dalkeith.

      3.         vi.    ROBERT CATHCART HOPE, b. 18-10-1809, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian; d. 17-06-1890, Lugton,   Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                vii.    JAMES HOPE, b. 26-04-1812, Dalkeith. m Christina Miller 05-04-1861 Dalkeith.



Generation No. 2


2.  BARBARA HOPE (JOHN1) was born 09-11-1806 in Dalkeith, Mid Lothian, and died 14-09-1881 in Dalkeith.


Child of BARBARA HOPE is:

       4.        i.    ANN HOPE(ANNIE), b. 1837, Dalkeith..


3.  ROBERT CATHCART HOPE (JOHN1) was born 18-10-1809 in Dalkeith, Mid Lothian, and died 17-06-1890 in Lugton, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.  He met JANE MACBEATH (JEAN) 14-06-1834 in Dalkeith, daughter of THOMAS MACBETH and JANE TORRANCE.  She was born 1812 in Newbattle, Mid Lothian, and died 27-01-1886 in Lugton, Dalkeith.


Children of ROBERT HOPE and JANE (JEAN) are:

       5.         i.    JOHN HOPE, b. 1836, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                  ii.    JEAN HOPE, b. 1838, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                 iii.    AGNES HOPE, b. 1839, Tynron, Dumfriesshire.

                 iv.    MARGARET HOPE, b. 1840, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

       6.       v.    MARION HOPE, b. 1843, Lasswade, Mid Lothian; d. 21-08-1915, Portobello, Edinburgh.

       7.      vi.    THOMAS HOPE, b. 1846, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                vii.    CATHARINE S R HOPE, b. 1854, Dalkeith..



Generation No. 3


4.  ANN HOPE(ANNIE) (BARBARA2 HOPE, JOHN1) was born 1837 in Dalkeith..  She met JAMES CRICHTON. 



                   i.    DANIEL CRICHTON, b. 27-03-1860, Scott's Close, Dalkeith. d. Liverpool, England

                  ii.    JAMES CRICHTON, b. 1866, Dalkeith. d. Liverpool, England.


5.  JOHN HOPE (ROBERT CATHCART2, JOHN1) was born 1836 in Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.  He met AGNES WILKINSON 12-03-1858 in Dalkeith. 


Children of JOHN HOPE and AGNES WILKINSON are:

                   i.    ROBERT C HOPE, b. 21-10-1859, New Road, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                  ii.    ISABELLA WILKINSON HOPE, b. 1861; d. 1871, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                 iii.    JOHN HOPE, b. 1864, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                 iv.    JANE MCBEATH HOPE, b. 23-10-1868, Shina's Land, Dalkeith; d. 1933, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                  v.    AGNES W HOPE, b. 26-02-1872, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                 vi.    DAVID W HOPE, b. 1876, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.


6.  MARION HOPE (ROBERT CATHCART2, JOHN1) was born 1843 in Lasswade, Mid Lothian, and died 21-08-1915 in Portobello, Edinburgh.  She met DAVID LUMSDEN 30-03-1877 in Dalkeith., son of HENRY LUMSDEN and CHRISTINA SELKIRK.  He was born 1843 in Lasswade, Mid Lothian, and died 05-02-1890 in Lasswade, Mid Lothian.


Children of MARION HOPE and DAVID LUMSDEN are:

         8.       i.    ROBERT C HOPE, b. 30-12-1871, Lugton, Dalkeith; d. 14-05-1941, 119 Chalmers St, Dunfermline.

                  ii.    KATE LUMSDEN, b. 1875, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                 iii.    CHRISTINA LUMSDEN, b. 29-03-1878, Loanhead, Lasswade, Mid Lothian; d. 03-1960, Portobello; m. ANDREW BROWN, 23-12-1902, 36 Chambers Street, Edinburgh; b. 1876.

        9.       iv.    JANE LUMSDEN, b. 15-07-1882, Loanhead, Lasswade.; d. 28-08-1907, Infirmary, Edinburgh.

        10.     v.    HENRY LUMSDEN, b. 20-03-1885, Loanhead, Lasswade, Mid Lothian; d. USA.

        11.     vi.    MARGARET LUMSDEN, b. 03-03-1887, Loanhead, Lasswade, Mid Lothian; d. USA.


7.  THOMAS HOPE (ROBERT CATHCART2, JOHN1) was born 1846 in Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.  He met (1) JEANNIE NICOL 02-04-1870 in Innerleithen, daughter of ROBERT NICOL and JESSIE LEARMONT.  She was born 1844, and died 08-10-1870 in Bank Street, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.  He met (2) JANET SPENCE 17-04-1873 in Dalkeith, daughter of FRANCIS SPENCE and AGNES TAIT.  She was born 1849, and died 02-05-1928 in Lugton, Dalkeith..



                   i.    JEANNIE NICOL HOPE, b. 29-09-1870, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

(Memorial to Thomas Hope and the Nicol/Learmonth family in Traquair Kirkyard see Traquair Kirkyard Picture Gallery)


Children of THOMAS HOPE and JANET SPENCE are:

                  ii.    JOHN HOPE, b. 1873; m. JANET LORIMER, 12-09-1913, Manse, Dalkeith.

                 iii.    JESSSIE HUNTER HOPE, b. 18-01-1874, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian; d. 1961, Newington, Edinburgh.; m. HENRY JONES, 1901, Dalkeith; b. 1864.

                 iv.    AGNES HOPE, b. 1876, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                  v.    ROBERT HOPE, b. 19-05-1878, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                 vi.    FRANCES HOPE, b. 1880, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                vii.    JOHN HOPE, b. 1884, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

               viii.    JAMES HOPE, b. 1886, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                  ix.    THOMAS HOPE, b. 1888, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                   x.    CHARLOTTE HOPE, b. 1891, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.

                  xi.    ALEXANDER HOPE, b. 1897, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian.



Generation No. 4


8.  ROBERT C HOPE (MARION3, ROBERT CATHCART2, JOHN1) was born 30-12-1871 in Lugton, Dalkeith, and died 14-05-1941 in 119 Chalmers St, Dunfermline.  He married (1) UNKNOWN.    He met (2) ELIZABETH MILLS CAMERON (ELIZA) 14-10-1904 in 29 Lismore Crescent, Edinburgh, daughter of CHARLES CAMERON and ELIZA MILLS.  She was born 1877, and died 27-02-1958 in Gayfield Square, Edinburgh.


Children of ROBERT HOPE and ELIZABETH (ELIZA) are:

                   i.    ELIZA MAY HOPE, b. 05-03-1905, Admiralty Street, Leith, Edinburgh.

                  ii.    HENRY LUMSDEN HOPE, b. 02-08-1909, 12 Forrester Street, Leith, Edinburgh..


9.  JANE LUMSDEN (MARION3 HOPE, ROBERT CATHCART2, JOHN1) was born 15-07-1882 in Loanhead, Lasswade., and died 28-08-1907 in Infirmary, Edinburgh.  She met ROBERT MOORE 25-11-1904 in Argyll House, Portobello, Edinburgh, son of MARK MOORE and ANNE BARCLAY.  He was born 1879.



                   i.    MARION HOPE MOORE, b. 28-09-1905, High Street, Portobello, Edinburgh; d. USA.


10.  HENRY LUMSDEN (MARION3 HOPE, ROBERT CATHCART2, JOHN1) was born 20-03-1885 in Loanhead, Lasswade, Mid Lothian, and died in USA.  He met ANNIE MUIRHEAD 29-04-1910 in Manse, Portobello, daughter of JAMES MUIRHEAD and ANNIE FITZPATRICK.  She was born 1892 in Newcraighall, Edinburgh.



                   i.    JAMES LUMSDEN, b. 1911, Portobello. Scotland.

                  ii.    HENRY LUMSDEN, b. 1914, Portobello, Scotland.


11.  MARGARET LUMSDEN (MARION3 HOPE, ROBERT CATHCART2, JOHN1) was born 03-03-1887 in Loanhead, Lasswade, Mid Lothian, and died in USA.  She met ARTHUR WALTER PARSONS 20-09-1918 in Manse, Portobello, Edinburgh.  He was born 1893, and died in USA.



                   i.    ARTHUR PARSONS, b. 1921, London, England.


Note 1.  Information provided by a correspondent in the USA has allowed this family tree to be expanded – Thank you.

Note 2.   Jeannie Nicol died only a few days after the birth of her first child Jeannie Nicol Hope.   The baby was then looked after by her maternal Grandparents Robert Nicol and Jessie Learmonth. They lived at Linden House in the High Street of Innerleithen, Peeblesshire.   Jeannie N. Hope can be found there in the 1871/81/91/1901 census and also in the 1911  census still unmarried.   

Note 3. Jeannie Nicol (1844-1870) had four sisters – Janet Nicol (1845-1911) married her cousin Archibald Nicol, Christine Nicol (1847-1863) Georgina L Nicol (1856-1863) and Helen Elliot Nicol b1852.


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