Surnames apart from Hope on this tree TQR 06 -


Scotland – Brown, Eckford, Frater (Trater), Hamilton, Horseburgh, Keenan, Rarity, Stoddart, Tod.

Australia – Brown, Keenan, Morgan, Rarity.


Lines that are known to have emigrated are shown thus –



 TQR 06.  Descendants of Alexander Hope, Grazier, Tanielburn, Traquair.

 (Updated 15-03-2012)


Generation No. 1


1.  ALEXANDER HOPE died Bef. 1841.  He met JANET FRATER 26-06-1805 in New Greyfriars, Edinburgh, daughter of ROBERT TRATER (FRATER) and MARGARET ECKFORD.  She was born 20-09-1784, and died 13-03-1856 in Monktonhall, Inveresk,.



                   i.    CHRISTIAN HOPE, b. 12-09-1805, Traquair, Scotland.

                  ii.    MARGARET HOPE, b. 21-02-1808, Traquair, Peeblesshire.; d. 15-04-1878, Monktonhall, Inveresk, (Single).

         2.     iii.    JAMES HOPE, b. 18-12-1811, Traquair, Peeblesshire..

         3.     iv.    CATHARINE HOPE, b. 18-03-1815, Kailsie Hill, Traquair, Peeblesshire.; d. 06-01-1896, Glenmoriston Lodge, Innerleithen.

                  v.    ELIZABETH HOPE, b. 1818, Traquair, Peeblesshire..



Generation No. 2


2.  JAMES HOPE (ALEXANDER1) was born 18-12-1811 in Traquair, Peeblesshire..  He met JANET (JANNA) HORSEBURGH 13-02-1857 in Wallyford, Parish of Inveresk, daughter of ALEXANDER HORSBURGH and HELEN GALLOWAY.  She was born 17-06-1827 in Innerleithen, and died 24-07-1889 in Inveresk..



          4.      i.    JAMES HOPE, b. 27-06-1861, Inveresk,.

                  ii.    ALEXANDER HOPE, b. 1859, Inveresk,.

         5.     iii.    ANDREW HOPE, b. 23-11-1862, Inveresk,.

                 iv.    JOHN HOPE, b. 1867, Inveresk,.

                  v.    THOMAS STODDART HOPE, b. 26-10-1870, Monktonhall, Inveresk,.


3.  CATHARINE HOPE (ALEXANDER1) was born 18-03-1815 in Kailsie Hill, Traquair, Peeblesshire., and died 06-01-1896 in Glenmoriston Lodge, Innerleithen.  She met THOMAS STODDART, son of WILLIAM STODDART and ANNIE LAING.  He was born 1814 in Eddleston, Peeblesshire., and died 03-02-1900 in Woodend Cottages, Innerleithen.



                   i.    JANET STODDART, b. 1836, Stobo, Peeblesshire.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH STODDART, b. 1842, Eddleston.

                 iii.    MARGARET STODDART, m. ROBERT TOD, 1870, Innerleithen.



Generation No. 3

4.  JAMES HOPE (JAMES2, ALEXANDER1) was born 27-06-1861 in Inveresk,.  He met JANET CAIRD HAMILTON 27-10-1882 in Inveresk Manse, Musselburgh, daughter of JOHN HAMILTON and MARION SIMPSON.  She was born 1864, and died 27-07-1930 in Muirhouse Farm,Gilmerton..


Children of JAMES HOPE and JANET HAMILTON are:

                   i.    JAMES HOPE, b. 1883, Inveresk,.

                  ii.    MARION HOPE, b. 1886, Inveresk,.

                 iii.    JESSIE HOPE, b. 1892, Liberton, Edinburgh.

                 iv.    WILLIAM HOPE, b. 1897, Liberton, Edinburgh.

        6.       v.    ISABELLA HAMILTON HOPE, b. 20-12-1898, Wallyford Farm, Inveresk.; d. 26-02-1961, Caboolture, Queensland, Australia..


5.  ANDREW HOPE (JAMES2, ALEXANDER1) was born 23-11-1862 in Inveresk,.  He met MARY HERRIOT 04-03-1884 in Musselburgh, daughter of MARY HERIOTT.  She was born 20-12-1862 in Ormiston, Haddington..


Children of ANDREW HOPE and MARY HERRIOT are:

                   i.    JAMES HOPE, b. 1889, Inveresk,.

                  ii.    ROBERT HERRIOT HOPE, b. 02-06-1891, Inveresk,.

       7.       iii.    JESSIE HORSBURGH HOPE, b. 28-11-1893, Pinkie Mains, Musselburgh.; d. 17-07-1947, Jewel Cottages, Edinburgh..



Generation No. 4


6.  ISABELLA HAMILTON HOPE (JAMES3, JAMES2, ALEXANDER1) was born 20-12-1898 in Wallyford Farm, Inveresk., and died 26-02-1961 in Caboolture, Queensland, Australia..  She met DAVID JAMES RARITY 27-08-1920 in Broomhills, Liberton, Edinburgh., son of DAVID RARITY and HELEN SMITH.  He was born 04-03-1895 in Kirkliston, West Lothian,Scotland, and died 14-05-1977 in Caboolture, Queensland, Australia..


Living Rarity Descendants in Queensland, Australia


7.  JESSIE HORSBURGH HOPE (ANDREW3, JAMES2, ALEXANDER1) was born 28-11-1893 in Pinkie Mains, Musselburgh., and died 17-07-1947 in Jewel Cottages, Edinburgh..  She met THOMAS BROWN 21-03-1913 in Glen? Mains, Portobello,, son of JOHN BROWN and ALISON HAMILTON.  He was born 09-06-1891 in Inveresk,.


Children of JESSIE HOPE and THOMAS BROWN are:

                   i.    MARY HERRIOT BROWN, b. 1913.

                  ii.    ALISON HAMILTON BROWN, b. 14-12-1915, Newcraighall, Edinburgh.

                 iii.    ANDREW HOPE BROWN, b. 1920, Newcraighall, Edinburgh; d. 13-03-1989, Edinburgh.; m. JESSIE MAY YOUNG, 1944, Edinburgh.

                 iv.    THOMAS BROWN, b. 19-02-1924, 88 Jewel Cottages, Edinburgh.; d. 17-01-1997, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.; m. JEANIE BRESLIN KEENAN, 29-12-1944, St Johns RC Church, Portobello, Edinburgh.  b. 1922, Fauldhouse, West Lothian.; d. 14-03-2004, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia..


Living Brown Descendants in Queensland, Australia

Sister of Jeanie B Keenan also emigrated – Living Morgan Descendants in Australia.


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