Trees of the 7 descendants of James Hope & Grace Somerville of West Calder.


Lines that are known to have emigrated are highlighted thus:-



Surnames apart from Hope on this tree:-

Scotland – Battison, Cameron, Ferguson, Harper, Henderson, Lang, Mackenzie, Perkins, Ribbeck.   

Australia – Ferguson.


WC2.   Descendants of Cornelius Hope (1808-1864)

 Generation No. 1

 1.  CORNELIUS HOPE  (JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 28-09-1808 in West Calder, West Lothian., and died 02-11-1864 in Union Street, Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire...  He met MARION LANG, daughter of WILLIAM LANG and MARION STARK.  She was born 1811 in Kirkintilloch, and died 22-12-1891 in Harriet Row, Kirkintilloch.



                   i.    WILLIAM HOPE, b. 1834, Kirkintilloch; d. 15-05-1886, Herriot Row, Kirkintilloch; m. AGNES CHRISTINA DOUGLAS, 16-02-1872, 21 Shamrock Street,Glasgow; b. 1835.

      2.         ii.    JAMES HOPE, b. 1836, Kirkintilloch; d. 20-01-1870, Maryhill, Glasgow (Accident).

                 iii.    CORNELIUS HOPE, b. 1838; d. Bef. 1847.

                 iv.    JOHN HOPE, b. 1840.

                  v.    MARION HOPE (SINGLE), b. 1845, Kirkintilloch; d. 26-03-1913, 9. Park Terrace, Govan, Glasgow..

                 vi.    CORNELIUS (2) HOPE, b. 1847, Kirkintilloch; d. 12-02-1919, 12 McWilliam Street, Govan, Glasgow.; m. JESSIE BROCK DONALD, 06-09-1892, Bath Hotel, Bath Street, Glasgow; b. 1862, Kirkintilloch; d. 1917, Govan, Glasgow.


Generation No. 2

 2.  JAMES HOPE (CORNELIUS5, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 1836 in Kirkintilloch, and died 20-01-1870 in Maryhill, Glasgow (Accident).  He met AGNES BATTISON 14-01-1859 in 424 Parliamentary Road, Glasgow, daughter of THOMAS BATTISON and AGNES CAMPBELL.  She was born 1837 in Balfron, Stirlingshire., and died 1917 in Hillhead, Glasgow.


Children of JAMES HOPE and AGNES BATTISON are:

                   i.    CORNELIUS HOPE, b. 05-03-1859, Barony, Glasgow.; d. 10-10-1921, Old Man's Home, 21 Rottenrow, Glasgow. (Batchelor)..

      3.         ii.    AGNES HOPE, b. 14-10-1861, 14 Killiemont Street, Glasgow.; d. 1951, Dunfermline..

     4.         iii.    GRACE (TWIN) SOMERVILLE HOPE, b. 07-03-1863, Central District Glasgow.; d. 1939, Newton Mearns, Glasgow..

                 iv.    MARION (TWIN) LANG HOPE, b. 07-03-1863, 16, Killiemont Street, Glasgow.; d. 1863, Glasgow..

                  v.    THOMAS (TWIN)BATTISON HOPE, b. 08-02-1865, !6, Killiemont Street, Glasgow.; d. 1934, Cathcart, Glasgow..

     5.         vi.    JAMES (TWIN) BATTISON HOPE, b. 08-02-1865, 16, Killiemont Street, Glasgow.; d. 10-11-1923, The Knowle, Lenzie. Dunbartonshire,.

     6.        vii.    MARY TELFER HOPE, b. 20-01-1867, 29 Buccleuch Street, Glasgow.; d. 1914, Hillhead, Glasgow..

     7.       viii.    JANE BATTISON HOPE, b. 17-03-1868, 74 Argyle Street, Glasgow.; d. 1937, Broughty Ferry, Dundee..


Generation No. 3


3.  AGNES HOPE (JAMES6, CORNELIUS5, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 14-10-1861 in 14 Killiemont Street, Glasgow., and died 1951 in Dunfermline..  She met PETER HENDERSON 03-01-1879 in 17 Holmhead Street, Glasgow., son of ROBERT HENDERSON and SUSAN TURNBULL.  He was born 1857 in Culross, Fife, Perth., and died 27-04-1941 in The Cross, Culross..



                   i.    ROBERT HENDERSON, b. 1880, Waterford, Ireland..

                  ii.    JAMES HENDERSON, b. 1882, Waterford, Ireland.; d. 1958, Dunfermline..

                 iii.    ALEXANDER HENDERSON, b. 1883, Dunfermline.; d. 1883, Dunfermline..

                 iv.    ALEXANDER CORNELIUS HENDERSON, b. 1884, Waterford, Ireland.; d. 1947, Dunfermline..

                  v.    GRACE HOPE HENDERSON, b. 1886, Dunfermline.; d. 1982, Dunfermline.; m. WILLIAM TAYLOR, 29-09-1917, Royal Hotel, High Street, Dunfermline.; b. 1885.

                 vi.    PETER HENDERSON, b. 1889, Dunfermline..

                vii.    ALICE TELFER HENDERSON, b. 1890, Dunfermline.; d. 1978, Dunfermline..

               viii.    FLORENCE BEATRICE HENDERSON, b. 1892, Fifeshire; d. 1982, Dunfermline..

                  ix.    JOHN HENDERSON, b. 1895, Fifeshire.

                   x.    THOMAS HENDERSON, b. 1895, Fifeshire; d. 1976, Dunfermline..


4.  GRACE  SOMERVILLE HOPE (JAMES6, CORNELIUS5, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 07-03-1863 in Central District Glasgow., and died 1939 in Newton Mearns, Glasgow..  She met JOHN PERKINS 09-08-1887 in 47 Arlington Street, Glasgow, son of JOHN PERKINS. and LETICIA MCGOWAN.  He was born 1857.


Children of GRACE HOPE and JOHN PERKINS are:

                   i.    JAMES HOPE PERKINS, b. 1889, England; m. CATHERINE MANN MCNIVEN, 1914, Hillhead, Glasgow..

                  ii.    THOMAS SOMERVILLE PERKINS, b. 1890, England; m. ELIZABETH JENKINS GOVAN, 1918, Cathcart, Gl;asgow.

                 iii.    EDITH PERKINS, b. 1892, England.

                 iv.    GRACE HOPE PERKINS, b. 1893, Glasgow; m. MORRIS GILBERT HARTLEY, 1923, Blythswood, Glasgow..

                  v.    JANE HOPE PERKINS, b. 1896, Dalmuir, Old Kilpatrick.; d. 1974, Helensburgh. Argyll..


5.  JAMES  BATTISON HOPE (JAMES6, CORNELIUS5, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 08-02-1865 in 16, Killiemont Street, Glasgow., and died 10-11-1923 in The Knowle, Lenzie. Dunbartonshire,.  He met HELEN MARGARET FERGUSON 28-04-1899 in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia., daughter of JOHN FERGUSON and ELIZABETH WILEY.  She was born 14-08-1877 in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia., and died 16-11-1956 in Cottage Hospital, Crieff, Perthshire..


Children of JAMES HOPE and HELEN FERGUSON are:

       8.         i.    EILEEN MARGARET HOPE (ELLEN), b. 13-03-1900, Dean House, Lenzie; d. 16-01-1993, Roundelwood Nursing Home, Crieff..

                  ii.    IAN FERGUSON HOPE, b. 29-05-1905, Dean House, Lenzie.; d. 1978, Glasgow.; m. FRIEDA FISCHBACHER, 25-06-1931, Hillhead Baptist Church, Maryhill, Glasgow.; b. 11-09-1903, Buenavista, Brownside Road,Cambuslang, Glasgow.; d. 1984, Glasgow..


6.  MARY TELFER HOPE (JAMES6, CORNELIUS5, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 20-01-1867 in 29 Buccleuch Street, Glasgow., and died 1914 in Hillhead, Glasgow..  She met JOSEPH CAMERON 26-07-1891 in Windsor Hotel, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow., son of JAMES CAMERON and ANNE CAMERON.  He was born 1853 in Duthil, Invernesshire, and died 11-01-1920 in Dunard, Lenzie.


Children of MARY HOPE and JOSEPH CAMERON are:

                   i.    ANNIE HOPE CAMERON, b. 1892, Partick, Glasgow, Lanarkshire..

                  ii.    JAMES HOPE CAMERON, b. 1894, Partick, Glasgow, Lanarkshire..

                 iii.    DOUGLAS HOPE CAMERON, b. 22-02-1898, 10 Regent Square, Lenzie, Lanarkshire..


7.  JANE BATTISON HOPE (JAMES6, CORNELIUS5, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 17-03-1868 in 74 Argyle Street, Glasgow., and died 1937 in Broughty Ferry, Dundee..  She met JOHN CHRISTIAN ERNEST RIBBECK 25-04-1895 in Windsor Hotel, St Vincent Street, Blythswood, Glasgow., son of ERNEST RIBBECK and CHRISTINA MCINNES.  He was born 1865 in Kilbride, Bute., and died 1926 in Hillhead, Glasgow..


Children of JANE HOPE and JOHN RIBBECK are:

                   i.    ERNEST HOPE RIBBECK, b. 03-10-1898, Partick, Glasgow.; d. 1918, Dundonald, Ayr..

                  ii.    FREDERICK JAMES RIBBECK, b. 1904, Partick, Glasgow.; d. 1975, Perth; m. AGNES DRYBURGH MACKENZIE; b. 1903; d. 1977, Perth..


Generation No. 4


8.  EILEEN MARGARET HOPE (ELLEN) (JAMES (TWIN) BATTISON7 HOPE, JAMES6, CORNELIUS5, JAMES4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN HOPE (OF1 BOLD)) was born 13-03-1900 in Dean House, Lenzie, and died 16-01-1993 in Roundelwood Nursing Home, Crieff..  She met REV. ALEXANDER BAIN HARPER MA. BD. 04-04-1923 in The Knowle, Kirkintilloch., son of REV. HARPER and MARY THOMSON.  He was born 25-10-1884 in The Manse Wishaw, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire., and died 16-11-1952 in "The Craig" Kirkpatrick Durham, Dumfriesshire.


Children of EILEEN (ELLEN) and REV. BD. are:

                   i.    ALEXANDER JAMES HARPER, b. 1924, Kilmun, Argyll..

                  ii.    AILEEN HOPE HARPER, b. 1928, Kilmun, Argyll..


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