Scheduled Monuments in Tweedsmuir Parish. 

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Click on "search for scheduled Monuments"  then clip on the zoomable/pannable map where the scheduled monuments are marked and coloured red.   Click on monument of choice.

 Standing Stones.     SM2700

Menzion Cremation  SM2702

Nether Dod.            SM2711

Glenbrexk Barrows  SM2723/2724

Menzion Settlement SM 2725

Menzion Cremation  SM2748

Menzion Farm          SM 2750

Hawkshaw Farm      SM2751

Menzion Cairn         SM2770

Grange Hill              SM2771

Chesters                 SM2817

Oliver Craig Fort      SM2947

Glenbreck               SM 2981

Glenveg                 SM 3214

Oliver Fort              SM3144

Whiteside Rig         SM3467

Weirdlaw                SM3529

Glenbreck               SM 3533

Glenwhappen Rig    SM3865



Listed Buildings in Tweedsmuir.

Crook Inn           LB49036   Cat. C

Kirk/Kirkyard     15424        Cat. B

Carlow's Bridge  15425       Cat. B

Bield                 15426       Cat. B

Victoria Lodge    47120       Cat.B

Polmood Bridge  LB43851   Cat C.   (Polmood is a couple of metres outside Tweedsmuir Parish)