Tweedsmuir War Memorial. (1914-1918 and 1939-1945)

 Central portion of memorial showing the names of the fallen in both World Wars.   At the head can be seen the Civic Armorial of Peebles - the three salmon.  

Photographing the complete impressive memorial that covers the whole east wall of the small vestibule of the church is quite difficult.   However the Scottish War Memorials Project have done a splendid job in doing this including close ups of the scroll panels so that the names can be read.  Also included is the associated framed montage of images of the men. I recommend a visit to their website to view their efforts - Click Here.  

The memorial was unveiled during the Autumn of 1920 by the Lord Lieutenant of the County.   The parchment scrolls in the central  portion, shown above would have been completely redone later to add the sole WWII casualty.  The framed montague was also altered with the addition of the WWII casualty. The present scrolls indicate that the names inscribed in beautiful calligraphy were done after George Hope Tait.   George Hope Tait would have done the original scroll work in 1920.    The addition of the large wooden 1939-1945 date panels was expertly done - the woods match perfectly.   Only examination of the actual carving of the numbers indicate that they were done by a different hand.  

The Peebles War Memorial that includes the fallen from all Peeblesshire parishes was unveiled by Earl Haig on 05-10-1922.   Lt.Col John Buchan was in attendance.   The Peebles memorial is located in the quadrangle of the Chambers Institute in the High Street.