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2.1) Scottish Border Hope Families - Part one - before 1296 AD 

     2.1.1) Connection with the Kingdom of Northumbria   

     2.1.2) Liber Sancte Marie de Melros and Liber de Kelso.  Hope associated names including earliest examples. 

2.2) Scottish Border Hope Families - Part 2 - after 1296 AD

     2.2.1)  Ragman Roll  - Hope and associated names. 

     2.2.2) Calendar of Close Rolls for Tynedale. Many hope valley names. 

     2.2.3) Register of the Burgh of Peebles. Hope locations and Surnames.

2.3) Scottish Highlands and Islands.       

3) Edinburgh (Scotland) Hope Family. Merchants, Craighall Clan Chief, Hopetoun etc.

    3.1)  Edinburgh Burgess Rolls - Extract - 1406-1700. - Hope name. 

     3.2)  Edinburgh Apprentice Rolls - Extract. -  Hope name.

    3.3)  Craighall Castle.

    3.4)  Granton Castle.

4) Amsterdam/Rotterdam Hope Families     T. M Devine in his book Scotland's Empire The Origins of The Global Diaspora wrote that "Henry Hope a scion of the Hope family of Craighall, had settled in Amsterdam in the early 1600s and there laid the foundations of a great fortune. By the eighteenth century the Hopes were arguably the most prominent bankers in the Netherlands."

During the research of the Hope Families of Scotland other Hope families from elsewhere were considered - see sections 5-7 below and these sections are being expanded.   At the moment no connection can be found to link them to the Scottish Hope families apart from a Hope family in Lancashire -  however there is an intriguing heraldic connection between the Hope families of Derbyshire and North Wales - see Section 9 on heraldry below.

5. England Hope Families  - Origin of name has possible connections with waste land caused by lead mining.  Also in the South East a connection with marshes.

6. North Wales Hope Families- Hope of Broughton. Mouats, Flintshire.

7) Ireland Hope Families. - Westmeath, Ulster.

8) Hope Early Colonial Settlers.- America, Jamaica, Barbados - including Hopes on the freed slaves register. 

9) Hope Family Heraldry.- Scottish, English, Welsh, Irish and Dutch.  

10)  Hope Family Tartan 


References/Bibliography for Surname of Hope.