Edinburgh Hopes

Section 3.2.

Extracts from the Edinburgh Apprentice Rolls.

1.   Alexander Hope son to Robert Hope citizen in London with Henry Hope, Merchant. 19-11-1651.

2.   David son to late Symon Hope, in Glensex, with John Anderson. skinner, 13-11-1616.

3.   Symon son to Thomas Hope, in Glensex, with Gavin Scott, skinner, 29-4-1618.

4.   Thomas son to late John Hope, writer in Edinburgh with George Ker, tailor, 31-7-1616.

5.   William son to William Hope in Dumfries, with James Nicolson, tailor, 22-1-1600.

Gap in Records.

6.   James son to Thomas Hope, gardener in the Cannongate, to William Adam, apothecary (B) 31-7-1706.

7.   John son to John Hope of Kinross, Bart, to Patrick Graham, goldsmith (B)14-2-1733.

8.  Thomas son to Mr. Thomas Hope of Ravilson, to Robert Hope Deacon of the chirurgians, 26-4-1721.

9.   John son of John Hope, farmer at Hopefield, near Dalkeith to Robert Laing, saddler and belt maker, for 6 years. 1-3-1787.

10.   William son of Robert Hope, farmer in West Fenton, to John Oliver, baker, for 5 years. 2-6-1791. 

Extract of Apprentices on the John Hope & Co. Roll.

11.   Milne David , son of David, tailor in Cannongate to John Hope, merchant for 5 years. 20-2-1760

12.   Scott Archibald, son of Archibald of Rossye, to John Hope, merchant, for 5 years, 29-7-1761.

13.   Balfour George, son of late George W.S. to John Hope and Co, merchant for five years, 6-1-1763.

14.   Urquart John, son of Mr. Leonard W.S. to John Hope & Co, merchant for 5 years 6-7-1768

The entry of the first apprentice, a citizen of London, does have slight ring of deference. Was he originally from Hollond?

The second and third entries mention Glensex which must be the present day Glensax on the outskirts of Peebles ie they were from the borders as was number 5 who was from Dumfries.

I wonder if the gardening Thomas Hope mentioned at six was related the famous botanist Dr.John Hope 1726-1786- several memorial plaques around Edinburgh? 


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