Register of the Burgh of Peebles during reign of Mary Queen of Scots (1542- 1567).

Section 2.2.3.

Extracts from the Register are listed to indicate the number of place names and also surnames with the element of hope as part of the name.


2nd Oct 1546.     Sir Robert Hoipe Chaplain of the St Lawrence Altar within St Andrew Kirk.

                          Sir Robert Hoipe, because of his position, had property in the Old Town

                          Thomas Hoipe, Burgess of Peebles, father of the above Sir Robert.  

 30th July 1534.  Andrew Kirkhope mentioned in regard to common lands.

23rd Oci 1548.   Robert Heiselhope in regards to paying of rent.

17th Aprl 1553.  Baroney of Hundelishope.

22nd May 1556. Robert Heisilhope Burgess of Peebles.

        Nov 1556.  Over and nether Swynhope in connection with St Leonard's Hospital.

               1556.   Spittalhope - took its name from St Leonard's Hospital.

18th April 1556.  Common Land - Cruikhope, Swynhope and Gaithopeburn.

14th Feb 1556/7  Robert Scott in Riskinhope.

23rd Apr 1557    John Thorebrand in Hairhope, Robert & Thomas Hoppringal.

31st Mar 1560    Thomas Hesilhope Burgess of Edinburgh.

17th Mar 1553/4 Nicholas Bard in Kirkhope in the Baroney of Posso.

4th Mar 1556/7   Alexander Hoppringill in Chapelhill.

25th Jun 1561   Death of Marion Hoppringill.

25th Jun 1561   William Hoppringill of Newhouse Byre.

1st Sep 1564      Thomas Hoppringill of Melkienstoun

23rd Oct 1564.    John Hoip was an Administrator of the St Leonard's Hospital.

24th Mar 1571    Leithenhopes - Sheep stolen by Reivers.