Edinburgh Hopes.

Section 3.1.

Extract from the Roll of Edinburgh Burgesses


Legend of abbreviations:-

B – Burgess.   br – brother.  C – Court?  F.C. - ?.  fr – father.

G – Guild-Brother.   h – heir.   H – Hope and Hopetoun.

mt – merchant.   p - ?.   s – son.   r – right

umq- umquhile – formerly, late.

          (The red numbers correspond to those on the John Hope Family Tree on Section No 3 on the Edinburgh Hopes page of this site.)


(1) Hope (Houpe, Hoip), Alexr, B. and G., as second s. of Jhonn H.,

                 F.C.                                                                      26 Feb. 1551-2

      “    Alexr., tailyeor, as p. to David Fairlie, tailyeor       30 Jan 1578-9

(2)  “   Sir Alexr., B. and G., of Kerss, gratis                   15-21 July 1670

(3)   “  Sir Alexr., B. and G., of Granton                          15-21 July 1670 

(4)   “   Mr. Archibald, B and G., of Rankeilor, advocate, be r. of umq.

                      fr. Sir John H of Craighall, B. and G., gratis, by act of C.

                     of 11 May.                                                         22 June 1681

(5)     “   Charles, of  Hopetoun, B. and G., be r. of umq. fr. John H. of

                   H., B. and G.                                                            9 Apr. 1690

(6)    “   Dauid, B., goldsmith, as s. to umq. Hary H., mt., B.,

                        Hary Houpe, mt., sourtie for extentis, etc.    21 June 1609

          “       Mr. Dauid, B., minister at Cowane in Galloway, as eldest s.

                        to umq. Alexr. H., tailyeor, B.                          30 July 1617

          “       George, B., tailyeor, as third s. to umq. Alexr. H.,

                        Tailyeor, B.                                                        30 July 1617

(7)      “   Edward, B. and G., s. and h. of John Hope              27 Nov.  1540

(8)      “   Hary, B. and G., mt., as s.to umq. Jhonn H. mt.       22 Nov. 1588

(9)      “    Hary, B. and G., mt., as eldest s. to umq.

                      Hary H., mt.                                                       10 Aug. 1591

(10)    “    Harie, B. and G., mt. as onlie s. to umq. James H.,

                             Factor in Deip (Dieppe), B. and G.                3 Feb. 1642

(11)     “   James, B. and G., factor in Deip (Dieppe)

                             as s. to umq. Hary H., mt., B and G.               4 July 1619

(12)      “   Sir James B. and G., of Hopetoun, judge, by r. of fr. Sir

                             Thomas H. of Craighall, gratis.                  14 May 1652

(13)       “  John, B., alias Petit Johne, trumpeter           14 Mar 1516-17

(13)       “   John, G.                                                          11 Mar 1528-9

(14)       “   Sir Johne, B. and G., of Craighall, judge, by r. of his fr. Sir

                                Thomas H. of Craighall, gratis.              14 May 1642

              “   John, B., and G., wryter, gratis, be r. of fr.,

                              B. and G.                                                    8 Apr. 1659

              “  Johne, G., s. to Robert H., of befoir, by act of C. of 21

                                  Sept. last.                                             19 Oct. 1659

(15)       “  John. B. and  G., of Hopetoun, be r. of umq. Sir James H.of H.

                      is fr., B. and G., gratis, by act of C. of 7 May   22 June 1681  

               “  John, B. and G., br. Germ. To Sir Alexr. H. of Kers, by r. of

                              Admission of Sir Archd. Mure of Thornton, present Lord

                               Provost                                                     25 Nov. 1696  

                “   Robert, B., tailyeor, as second s. to umq. Alexr. H.,

                                    tailyeor, B                                              30 July 1617

  (16)        “  Sir Wm., B and G., of Kirklistoune, depute-governor of the

                                    Castle of Edr., gratis                            11 Nov. 1692

             Hopetoun, Thomas, B. and G., gentleman pensioner

                              (C.I. Banquet)                                23 June 1633